Climate Disinformation — the threat to COP26

Climate disinformation is rife, politicised, and funded by advertising from major brands.

We’ve seen targeted disinformation derail conferences before — in 2018 the UN Global Compact came under attack from the far right, and the fall out was major. With COP26 this year, and scientists freaking out about (lack of) progress, we cannot bad actors threaten our chance of a better future.

In June, Florencia Lujani and I co-authored a report for Media Bounty, called ‘Change The Narrative’. In it, we outline how the advertising community can recognise its role as major funders of hate and disinformation… and fight back.

This is just the beginning. There’s more to come.

Read more here:

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Change The Narrative report - IPA Media Charter



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Harriet Kingaby

Harriet Kingaby

Co-chair of the Conscious Advertising Network and climate misinformation expert at Media Bounty. Advertising, ethics, disinformation and climate change.