Brand safety isn’t enough to stop the world getting worse

This is my talk for The Channel Factory at NextM in Stockholm in April 2022. Click on the link above to hear it in full.

In an age of ‘post truth’ and misinformation, advertisers cannot ignore their role in bank-rolling the disinformation economy. While quality news reporting, climate change and LGBTQ+ content struggles to monetise, we’re sending $2.6bn a year to creators of extremism, hate and disinformation according to Newsguard and Comscore.

This talk tackles the disinformation economy, and why brand safety is not enough to clean up our media environments. We’ll look at topic areas every advertiser should be an expert in in 2022: international conflict, the Great Replacement Theory and climate misinformation, as well as conscious advertising based solutions.

Advertising can change the world, but not if we’re asleep at the wheel.

For more information on the topics outlined in this talk, visit the Conscious Advertising Network.



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Harriet Kingaby

Harriet Kingaby

Co-chair of the Conscious Advertising Network and climate misinformation expert at Media Bounty. Advertising, ethics, disinformation and climate change.